Ronchetti to MLG: NM families deserve better

Albuquerque, NM – As today’s special session continues, Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Ronchetti called on the Governor to take advantage of the “Super-Majority” she controls in the state legislature to pass real policies to help New Mexico. Lujan Grisham’s election-year giveaway pales in comparison to the raises she recently gave to her own staff and appointees. 

“Governor Lujan Grisham called a special session to give New Mexicans a few dollars trying to buy her re-election,” said Ronchetti today. “Her election year give-away is not nearly enough and pales in comparison to the giant tax-payer funded pay raises she gave her political insiders. New Mexicans need real tax reform and relief, not election-year politics.” 

Ronchetti says Lujan Grisham missed her opportunity to focus on real policy fixes that will improve the quality of life in New Mexico: 

  • Closing the justice system’s revolving door that puts violent criminals back on the street 
  • Restoring qualified immunity for New Mexico law enforcement officers
  • Structural tax reform that encourages economic growth and job creation and provides real tax relief to New Mexico taxpayers. 
  • Meaningful help at the pump, such as developing a program to share oil and gas royalties directly with New Mexicans during appropriate circumstances

Ronchetti also called on Governor Lujan-Grisham and the legislature to target tax relief to New Mexico citizens and taxpayers, rather than providing taxpayer-funded rebates to illegal immigrants.  

“These tax rebates should be provided to citizens and not illegal immigrants. Unfortunately, in 2020 MLG and the Democrat majority, along with a handful of Republicans, voted to give taxpayer-funded stimulus checks to illegal immigrants,” said Ronchetti, citing the stimulus bill passed by the legislature in 2020.

Ronchetti was critical of Lujan Grisham’s earlier request that the federal government suspend the federal gas tax, calling it an “election-year stunt” completely inconsistent with her record. Ronchetti also reminded New Mexico families that just 45 days ago New Mexico’s governor actively supported legislation that would have increased the price of gas in New Mexico by 35 cents per gallon or more. 

“This is the same Governor who, just 45 days ago, pushed legislation to RAISE GAS PRICES by 35 cents per gallon,” says Ronchetti. “This is the same Governor whose anti-energy mandates have driven up household energy costs for New Mexicans. New Mexicans deserve better.”