Ronchetti takes on Republican Establishment

“Parties that exclude people, lose”

ALBUQUERQUE – Mark Ronchetti today called for unity amongst Republican insiders at the chaotic pre-primary convention in Ruidoso and asked delegates who support him to vote for other candidates to ensure they make the ballot. The entire convention descended into chaos after massive problems with the delegate voting process. The chaos and dysfunction of today’s convention underscores how tragically flawed this process is. 

Ronchetti was the only candidate to have already secured a spot on the ballot by virtue of the petition signatures he turned in. In his speech, he urged his delegates to vote for other candidates to help them make the ballot. 

“Republicans are suing to keep other candidates off the ballot, anonymous texts are attacking fellow Republicans, delegates had to leave before voting even started, “said Ronchetti. “This entire process excludes people at a time when Republicans need to include more people. Parties that exclude people, lose. We need to do better.” 

Ronchetti encouraged his supporters to consider placing other candidates on the Republican primary ballot because his campaign has already gathered 7,090 petition signatures, automatically qualifying him for the primary ballot. 

“Look around: we are all partners in the quest to defeat one person: Michelle Lujan Grisham. We should act like it,” said Ronchetti. “Defeating this Governor will take a movement. My campaign has unmatched grassroots support across the state. 7,000 Republicans signed my petition, three times as many as any other candidate.”

Ronchetti noted that counties altered rules early on in the primary nominating process to favor party establishment insiders and exclude the vast majority of Republicans from participating. Any results from today’s haywire vote will likely be in question.  

In the first two months after he entered the race, Ronchetti raised $1.2 million. Polls show him garnering 60% of Republican primary voters for the June 7 primary election, while at least three different polls have shown him tied against Lujan Grisham. Ronchetti has already been targeted by Lujan Grisham allies. National political analysts moved the race from “Likely Democrat” to nearly toss-up status AFTER Ronchetti entered the race just a few months ago.