Ronchetti rebuts Lujan Grisham’s condescending television attack

Albuquerque, NM – Mark Ronchetti’s campaign for New Mexico governor released a new television advertisement today rebutting Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s latest attack ad slamming Ronchetti for being “just a weatherman.” Ronchetti highlights the condescension in the governor’s spot and pledges to be a governor who will fight for hard-working New Mexicans.

“What Governor Lujan Grisham is really saying is we’re not smart enough to understand,” says Mark Ronchetti in the spot, filmed at a local diner, “And she’s wrong. We’re the ones living it everyday. Crime, high prices, failing schools.” 

In the governor’s attack ad, she questions what Ronchetti could know about crime. The sad truth is most New Mexicans now have a personal story about how crime has affected their lives. As a result, they understand the importance of changing things better than elite politicians who live under constant police protection. The Ronchetti family itself has been victimized, including a home invasion that occurred while Mark was at work and his wife, Krysty, was home alone with their two girls.

Ronchetti concludes by saying, “I’ll never be a governor who thinks I’m better than you. I’ll always be a governor who will fight for you because my family experiences exactly what you do.” 

You can view the entire ad here: