Ronchetti Girls Take On Attack Ads Targeting ‘Dad’

Albuquerque, NM – Ava and Ella Ronchetti are a bit ‘confused’ by recent television ads attacking their father, and they discuss it in a new television ad released this week by the Mark Ronchetti campaign for Governor. The ad is a light-hearted response to the ridiculous attack ads against Ronchetti launched by politician Rebecca Dow.

In the ad, Ava, 15, and Ella, 13, tell their dad that he’s being attacked… again!

The ad then features a quick clip from a Rebecca Dow attack ad that accuses Ronchetti of not being conservative enough. But Ava recalls that in 2020, Ronchetti was accused of the exact opposite, being too conservative and too close to President Donald Trump.

“I’m confused,” says Ella.

“Ella, politicians lie,” responds Ava.

Ronchetti goes on to set the record straight.

“Don’t be fooled. I’m a proud conservative. As governor, we’ll secure our border, fight crime, and empower our oil and gas industry to bring down inflation. I will never back down,” says Ronchetti, sitting on his living room couch flanked by his daughters.

Ronchetti’s youngest daughter Ella agrees, saying her father is stubborn.

The ad is airing on broadcast and cable television throughout New Mexico and can be viewed here:

Meanwhile, Rebecca Dow’s voting record as one of the most liberal Republican members of the New Mexico State House is being exposed. Dow voted to give taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrants in the form of stimulus payments in 2020 and to hand out professional licenses to those here illegally. She voted to raise taxes multiple times and was one of only two Republicans who voted for MLG’s permanent fund raid. Read more at