The Economy

We’ve heard it for years – New Mexico is a difficult place to do business. Sadly, the proof of this statement is all around us. Every state that borders New Mexico has a stronger economy with more jobs, more growth, and more opportunity. The cost of doing business is simply higher in New Mexico than in states around us – and the red tape is thicker.

As a result, anyone raising a family in our state knows what all of this means: when our children grow up, we too often export their talent to other states, where it’s easier for them to pursue their dreams and a well-paying career. Recent U.S. Census results show that New Mexico is barely growing and on track to soon start losing population.

The COVID pandemic showed everyone that New Mexico is too hard on our family-owned small businesses, which serve as the backbone of the economy in cities and towns across our state. Sadly, 40% of small businesses closed over the past two years, crumbling under the weight of onerous and inflexible shutdown orders from the government. Even in the middle of the pandemic, the Governor and state lawmakers imposed new, costly employment regulations on small businesses.

The good news is we can fix the problems we’re facing and build an economy that will create opportunities and jobs for our kids here at home, while making New Mexico an attractive place to relocate for workers and companies alike. But, we have to do things differently.

Mark’s approach to improving our economy includes:

  • Real reform to our tax structure by lowering taxes, making it easier for small businesses to create more jobs and encouraging companies and people to choose to locate in New Mexico.
  • Standing up to the Biden Administration’s policies that are crippling oil and gas production, raising gas prices, and making America more dependent on foreign energy sources.  Embrace an all-of-the-above energy approach – including oil and natural gas, wind, solar, geothermal, hydrogen, and nuclear power – and choose to be a global leader in the production and deployment of carbon capture technology.
  • Stopping runaway government spending.  When government grows at an unsustainable rate, taxpayers and small businesses inevitably foot the bill. Under Governor Lujan Grisham, state government spending has exploded – increasing by more than $2 billion in just 4 years.
  • Focusing our government on doing the basics to grow our economy, including expanding broadband, eliminating unnecessary regulations, and better aligning K-12 education and higher education to provide the workforce necessary to attract new, good-paying jobs.
  • Positioning New Mexico as a leader in international trade and the protection of America’s supply chain.  We can and should be producing more in New Mexico and stop ceding this ground to California, Arizona, and Texas.
  • Getting people back to work and supplying our businesses with the workforce they need.  We still have one of the nation’s highest unemployment rates even as businesses are begging for new hires. We do not need liberal policies that foster an entitlement culture where too many people are paid not to work.