Election Integrity

Ensuring secure elections where the results are trusted and accepted by our citizens is critical for a healthy democracy.  Mark Ronchetti believes we must make it easy to vote and hard to cheat.

That’s why Mark strongly supports Voter ID measures requiring voters to show photo identification to vote. This is a common-sense measure supported by an overwhelming majority of the public. In fact, voters in Albuquerque passed a Voter ID measure in 2005 for city elections that was in place for over a decade. Despite false fear-mongering from the Left, voters were not disenfranchised. Mark will push for a statewide Voter ID law in New Mexico.

Mark supports the practice of allowing voters to vote early, or absentee.  However, he strongly opposes the practice of automatically issuing mail-in ballots without a voter request. Given the high number of bad addresses contained in our state’s voter file, automatically issuing mail-in ballots without a request from the voter is an invitation for fraud.

Mark will fight against any efforts to legalize ballot-harvesting in New Mexico. Ballot harvesting is the practice of political operatives collecting mail-in ballots from voters and then dropping them off at polling locations.  There are very well-documented cases of voter fraud arising out of the ballot harvesting, including the results of a congressional election in North Carolina being overturned.  Mark will fight any and all schemes to legalize ballot harvesting in New Mexico.

One of the best ways to prevent voter fraud and improve voter trust of the process is to increase citizen involvement in poll watching and poll working opportunities. Mark will make that a priority of his election integrity program to ensure the entire process is open and transparent.