ICYMI: MLG caught lying to KOAT about failed CYFD leadership
TV news fact-checks MLG’s CYFD claims

Albuquerque, NM – Albuquerque TV station KOAT fact-checked Michelle Lujan Grisham’s claims that she supported strengthening an independent CYFD watchdog group and found that her statement was false. Instead of strengthening CYFD oversight, Lujan Grisham vetoed legislation in 2021 that would have given the Substitute Care Advisory Council (SCAC) stronger oversight over the troubled child welfare agency. 

KOAT says, “In the original statement coming from the governor’s campaign, it said, in part, ‘The Lujan Grisham administration also strengthened the Substitute Care Advisory Council.’ ”

The legislation, SB 242, passed the legislature unanimously. Child welfare advocates were shocked when the Governor vetoed it. The SCAC is mandated by federal law and includes community volunteers throughout the state who review individual CYFD cases and recommend systemic improvements to the agency, the legislature, and the public. 

“When she ran for governor, she said leaders need to be held accountable when it comes to CYFD,” said Ronchetti. “As governor, she vetoed efforts to provide exactly the type of accountability she promised. She has given us nothing but coverups and it’s time to hold her accountable.”  

The SCAC is independent of CYFD and the Lujan Grisham administration and is administratively attached to the Regulation and Licensing Department. In contrast, Lujan’s campaign pointed to a non-existent, future “Office of Family Representation and Advocacy” whose members are appointed by the very leaders it’s meant to oversee. 

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