ICYMI: Lujan Grisham Refuses to Deny Cheating Charge
But Former Comms Director and Debate Moderator Admit It…And More…

Albuquerque, NM – The Albuquerque Journal today wrote about the debate-gate cheating scandal enveloping Michelle Lujan Grisham. When pressed by the Journal’s Dan Boyd, Lujan Grisham’s campaign refused to deny whether the Governor had seen or received questions in advance of the 2018 gubernatorial debate on KOB-TV. 

While MLG was refusing to admit it happened, one of the moderators whose scripted questions were contained in the text messages, Chris Ramirez, acknowledged the leak occurred.

Even worse for MLG, her communications director at the time also chimed in on Twitter confirming that the cheating occurred and hints at additional cheating scandals.

KOB ran a bizarre 3-minute story about debate-gate in which they positioned themselves as complete bystanders to the controversy. Instead of apologizing to their viewers for what happened and taking responsibility for the actions of their employee(s), they continued to react defensively and play the victim. If the station truly is the victim of a rogue employee, then there are two victimizers– their own employee and the Lujan Grisham campaign, neither of whom the station aggressively confronted. 

Instead, KOB bizarrely criticized Ronchetti – who was obviously not a part of the 2018 KOB debate and is not the person who released the text messages on Twitter – for not providing more information about what happened between KOB and Lujan Grisham’s campaign.  

KOB nonsensically asked during their newscast, “How did the Ronchetticampaign get this information?” As is crystal clear, the Ronchetti campaign received the text messages at the same time and in the same manner as everyone else – when attorney Tom Grover released them on Twitter. The only reason for KOB to ask such a dishonest question is in an attempt to leave viewers with the false impression that the Ronchetti campaign was in possession of the text messages.  

KOB reported that their employee accused of colluding with the Lujan Grisham campaign – Joseph Lynch – is no longer with the station. What they failed to report is that Lynch left KOB to take a taxpayer-funded job with the administration of MLG’s political ally, Democrat Mayor Tim Keller. Was this a reward for his partisan loyalty? 

Finally, at the very end of the 3-minute story, the KOB reporter finally got around to questioning the accused cheater about the allegations. The reporter states that the Lujan Grisham campaign denies cheating. But, very importantly, the campaign never actually denied anything in the story and there is no direct quote of denial referenced. 

Instead, the campaign repeated the same line they gave the Journal in which they deflect the question by giving a non-answer and attacking Ronchetti. KOB managed to run a 3-minute story without ever getting the governor or her campaign to state on the record that they never received the questions. There’s obviously a big reason the campaign does not want to take that position on camera – they know it happened.  

Left out of the story was the acknowledgment by KOB’s former reporter and a moderator of the debate, Chris Ramirez, that the cheating occurred and laying the blame at the foot of a disgruntled former employee. Also left out was the statement by MLG’s 2018 communications director who admitted to the cheating. 

But we anticipate a future 4-Investigates Special forcing Ronchetti to come clean about his role in the 2018 cheating scandal between KOB and the Lujan Grisham campaign and admit his subsequent coverup. 

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Dan Boyd, Albuquerque Journal