Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Ronchetti Vows To Back Police Officers in New Ad
New TV Ad Highlights Ronchetti’s Tough on Crime Approach Targeting Repeat Offenders

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Mark Ronchetti released a new television ad today that takes on the massive crime problem in New Mexico by highlighting cases where violent, repeat offenders have shot police officers. Ronchetti calls out the political elites who refuse to tackle crime and have made it easier to be a criminal than a cop, and he vows to unapologetically “Back the Blue” and immediately end catch and release.

In the ad, Ronchetti first appears on an interstate bridge near Sedillo Hill in Albuquerque’s East Mountains area, where a state police officer was shot in the neck by a repeat offender after a high-speed chase. 

The ad then jumps to an Albuquerque Dutch Bros., where four officers were seriously wounded in a shoot-out with another repeat offender. 

“We have a criminal problem,” says Ronchetti. “But political elites, they don’t take on criminals. They demonize police.” 

Ronchetti says, “As an outsider, I’m as fed up as you. Enough is enough, and I’ll never apologize for backing the blue. As governor, I’ll go after the criminals, not cops.”

A Safer New Mexico 

According to FBI Crime Statistics, New Mexico is the 2nd most violent state in the country.

Ronchetti has repeatedly said he will make New Mexico a safer place to live by supporting law enforcement, ending catch and release, restoring qualified immunity for police officers, and securing the border where fentanyl enters and kills one New Mexican a day. 

New Mexico’s weak laws have emboldened criminals who know that they likely won’t face jail time for serious crimes. 

Dangerous Offender on the Streets

In the Sedillo Hill shooting, the suspect known as “Creeper” had been sentenced to a year in jail and five years probation after pleading guilty to several crimes, including shooting at police officers from a stolen SUV. 

Authorities issued an arrest warrant for Caleb “Creeper” Elledge in April 2021 after he cut his ankle bracelet off. 

The Albuquerque Journal reported that a probation officer wrote, “Elledge is clearly using the opportunity afforded to him by the court as a conduit to his criminal behavior, and had demonstrated that he is in no way a good candidate for even the highest level of supervision.” 

Elledge roamed freely without an ankle monitor for nearly a year. On February 11, 2022, he shot a state police officer in the neck after a high-speed chase in the Sedillo Hill area. Elledge was finally arrested after a massive manhunt following the shooting.

Elledge was a dangerous offender who never should have been on New Mexico’s streets. 

The Ronchetti ad is airing statewide on broadcast and cable television.