Desperate Dow’s Latest Negative Ad Features Regurgitated, False Attacks

Albuquerque, NM – Politician Rebecca Dow, trailing badly in the polls, has launched a desperate and false attack ad against Republican Mark Ronchetti. Dow’s ad regurgitates numerous false and dubious claims against the Republican front-runner. 

“It’s not at all surprising that Rebecca Dow has chosen to go on the attack. She can’t run on her liberal voting record, or her numerous ethics scandals and lawsuits, so her only option is to run a negative campaign,” said Jessica Hanson, Ronchetti’s campaign manager. 

Dow’s ad wildly accuses Ronchetti of “working with” George Soros climate activists because of a speech Mark gave at the University of New Mexico as part of his job as KRQE’s chief meteorologist.  The claim is embarrassingly false. 

Dow claims Mark left the Republican Party, which official voter registration records prove is false. Mark is a registered Republican and did not leave the party. 

Dow’s claims are all regurgitated attacks that didn’t work in the 2020 Republican primary and won’t work now. 

“It’s easy for Dow to take old jokes out of context to launch desperate and ridiculously false attacks. She’s going to find it a lot more difficult to campaign on the issues New Mexicans care about and defend her ethics scandals, legal troubles, and liberal voting record – on everything from the border and crime to education and energy. We will set the record straight,” said Hanson.