Bombshell texts reveal KOB provided debate questions and script to Michelle Lujan Grisham weeks in advance
Ronchetti calls on KOB to investigate and provide full transparency of collusion with Lujan Grisham campaign

Albuquerque, NM —  Wednesday night, attorney Thomas Grover released screenshots of text messages between a representative of KOB-TV and the Michelle Lujan Grisham gubernatorial campaign. The messages contained the questions that were to be asked of Michelle Lujan Grisham during the KOB-4 debate in 2018–essentially excerpts from KOB’s teleprompter script for the debate.

“These bombshell text messages show that Michelle Lujan Grisham will brazenly cheat and deceive New Mexicans in order to attain and hold onto her power,” said Mark Ronchetti, adding, “This governor is corrupt to the core and must be held accountable.” 

The Ronchetti campaign is calling on KOB to immediately investigate the collusion between their station and the Lujan Grisham campaign and disclose whether similar cheating occurred before this year’s debate. 

The texts from KOB to the Lujan Grisham campaign were sent on October 4, 2018 and the debate took place weeks later on October 18, 2018. The texts also reveal that KOB was actively rooting for Lujan Grisham with a KOB employee texting, “I’ve never wanted someone to be our governor more than I want to see Michelle.”  

“This governor has repeatedly dishonored her office and disrespected the people of New Mexico. She committed sexual assault and then paid off her victim with hush money. She played by her own set of rules during COVID. Now we see where it all started – brazenly cheating during a statewide television debate,” said Ryan Sabel, Mark Ronchetti for Governor’s communications director.

Below you can find an outlined timeline of the events as they occurred.