Mark Ronchetti Announces Candidacy for Governor of New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE:  Republican Mark Ronchetti today announced his candidacy for Governor of New Mexico. He released a video in which he lays out his vision and focus for New Mexico, contrasting it with the failures of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s administration.

You can watch the video here:

“I love New Mexico but we deserve much better than what we are getting,” said Ronchetti. “I am running to be your Governor because it is time we put our foot in the ground and demand better, or nothing will change. The Governor has taken our state dramatically down the wrong path. Crime is completely out of control, 40% of small businesses closed for good, and our education system is ranked dead last in the country. If we don’t step up now, our state may never recover from the consequences of the Governor’s failed leadership.”

Ronchetti says he promises to be a Governor on the side of hard-working New Mexicans and to not only listen to their stories but help create real solutions, something the current Governor has failed to do.

“On issue after issue, Governor Lujan Grisham has been on the wrong side of working families.  She uses COVID as a shield to excuse her failed record, but you can’t hide from hypocrisy.  While New Mexicans struggled, the governor gave massive taxpayer-funded pay raises to her political appointees. She told us not to have family get togethers but then got caught spending your tax dollars on high-end luxury items like Wagyu beef and top-shelf liquor at the Governor’s mansion for her own gatherings.”

Ronchetti says he knows the race will not be easy, but that he plans to work hard to earn every vote. Ronchetti noted that the Governor’s team attacked him before he even entered the race.

“The Governor has been preoccupied with me for over a year. It’s clear that she’s seen polling that shows we have tremendous support from New Mexicans. I’ll work every day to build that support and trust,” concluded Ronchetti. Ronchetti says he will be touring the state in the coming days and weeks to bring his message to voters all over New Mexico.